Meet Danny


I won’t start this by telling you my life story. It’s pretty boring (tall guy, surfs a lot, plays a lot of sports, decided I like pictures), nor will I use empty phrases like, “I want to capture your love”, “I love love”, “I love lamp”, (I might use that one), “Your love story is so inspirational”, “I want to capture your special day like no other”. Not that there is anything wrong with saying those things, or that they aren’t even true, because they are true. However, when you meet me in person and I am 6’4″ goofball, you’ll probably want to throw something at me for writing just predictable, non-fitting, non-orignal thoughts.

So, what am going to lead off with? I still don’t know. I started this photography thing when I was 16, taking photos of my friends around the world on surfboards chasing warm weather and good waves. A friend asked me to shoot his brothers wedding, I resisted, they asked again, I resisted again, I did it, I loved it. My father is a woodworker, a craftsmen, and the hardest working human being I have ever known. He taught me how to care for a project, how to complete it, how to deal with the adversity, any how to throw my tape measure across the shop when it goes wrong (kidding, Pops). That’s probably the reason I fell in love with this stuff, it’s a never ending journey. Great photography is and has always been the singular focus of my journey in weddings, and it always will be.

So, a few fun facts about me…

  • Jiu-Jitsu, Crossfit, Surfing are 3 things that bring me the most fulfillment outside of my work.
  • My favorite food is everything.
  • I’m a dog person, so if your question is can I bring my dog to the engagement shoot, the answer is yes, as long as you don’t mind him leaving a few pounds heavier from the amount of treats I’m going to give that good boy or girl.
  • I was once an aspiring Architect.
  • One of my greatest accomplishments is convincing a girl way out of my league to marry me.

It took me 20 minutes to think of 5 things to write about myself, so enough of this. That contact form is the best way to learn more!

This is that girl I was telling you about… 

Forever indebted for this portrait. Thanks, Caleb.