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Erin & Cameron

at Sunday River Resort in Maine

Route 1, 295, the turnpike, the cross Bronx expressway though NYC, 95 through Connecticut, 495 around Boston, and then 95 to points north. After about 8 hours of homogenous highway the shadows start to get long, the light becomes warm and the colors start to grab your attention in away not so different than lights in Las Vegas the first time you ride down the strip. Your attention to anything else than what’s in front of you is null and void. Between the truck stops and diners are farm houses with chimneys and clap board siding with shades of red, white, green and the look of an old oak that has been there long before you were there and will be there long after you’re gone. Changing white birch line front yards and cords of firewood take the place of swimming pools in the back. You step out of the car and there’s a shock of cold air, like immediately turning the shower from hot to ice cold. It feels good. It’s exhilarating and you sense an immediate elegant independence in the air. Maine forges a different kind of person. You can’t be mentally weak and survive -20 degrees for months on end for years on end and I can use Cameron as proof of concept. He’s the type that had a retirement account before I even had a savings account. He’s a planner, he’s strong, he’s independent and now he has Erin. Erin is a unique breed herself, strong, independent, and the head down, eyes forward type but still understands the nuances of navigating summers in Dewey like a seasoned Starboard vet. They balance each other and balance is how you survive marriage. Thank you so much for having me, Cameron & Erin. This was one for the books…


…..If you haven’t noticed yet, I really like Maine. So, please, someone, take me back there immediately.