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Please reach out with any questions you might have. I do my best to get back to emails right away, but sometimes it may be up to 24 hours. You can usually reach me pretty quickly by phone @ 302.381.3267. My evenings tend to be fairly busy with portrait sessions, but leave a message and I’ll call you back shortly after the sun sets.

Carolyn & BJ

at The Ballroom at The Ben

The question I get asked the most is “where is your favorite spot to shoot a wedding?” And truthfully, I don’t have one. The walls of the venues are just that. Walls. The grass, just grass. The sunsets, just some cloud formation illuminated by the closing of another day. They have no intrinsic value to me. They neither add nor subtract to a wedding day. I view them as hollow, barren and indignant. What question I like to answer, is, “what are your favorite types of weddings to photograph?” Now that is something I can open a dialogue about. When I’m presented with a group of people that are inherently close, inherently present, and inherently positive, who fully plan on walking funny for a few days because their legs hurt from dancing, who are fine with showing emotion but are not fine with faking emotion, who trust me fully and trust the process fully. Those are the kind of people I like in front of my camera. Carolyn & BJ were those people. Enjoy.