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Please reach out with any questions you might have. I do my best to get back to emails right away, but sometimes it may be up to 24 hours. You can usually reach me pretty quickly by phone @ 302.381.3267. My evenings tend to be fairly busy with portrait sessions, but leave a message and I’ll call you back shortly after the sun sets.

Jackie & Matt

At Longwood Gardens

The first goal of a portrait session is to make an accurate representation of the sitter. In this case, it was Jackie & Matt. They’re calm & collected, they’re funny, they’re open to whatever ideas I had, but something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was definitely something. It wasn’t until after the shoot when we had dinner and beers and an hour long conversation about Matt’s career in neuroscience at Upenn (which he might play off as not a big deal) that I released that their intelligence and ambition is unrivaled. Oh, and their 23. When I was 23, my sole goal in life was to figure out the correct ratio of surfing and consumption of cheap vodka that would still result in passing grades and mediocre work performance. Everyone, surround yourself with Jackie & Matt’s and your life WILL improve. Here’s our ramble through Longwood Gardens…