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Jessica & Jay

at The Four Seasons.

       I’ve chronicled this before, but as a refresher here is my daily process on or before a wedding day: I get really, really nervous and consider ways to get out of shooting the wedding but decide for the betterment of my career and my family, I’d better suck it up and go. I typically shoot all day, cursing myself for missing certain shots, day dreaming when I should have been looking, or getting technical things wrong. Then I drive home in the worst mood possible because I am sure that I just botched it & I will probably be working back working as a farm hand within a year, then I start to edit & curate the photos into an ambiguous photo essay that we in the biz call “The Blog”, release it to the world and hope I don’t make my parents disappointed in me.  I like writing the blogs, it’s a no-pressure creative outlet that I am pretty sure no one reads anyway and I can pretend to be a writer for a few minutes and have a good time with the process. On the blog I’ll mention alluring features of the architecture of the venue, the winsome personality of the groom, usually the food, sometimes the weather, but extremely rarely will I mention love. This is an odd paradox, but bare with me…

      To speak of a couples love is to speak with the pretense that I understand it. Those oceans run deep  and to speak on those matters is like telling you that since the surface of the ocean is wet I can give you an accurate guess of the number of fish swimming beneath. It’s obvious they love each other, but true love is mystery and true love is a risk. More specifically, true love is the risk of not being able to solve the mystery of your own heart. Why do you love a person? Why does that person make you tick? Is it okay to be vulnerable? And why does a person go out of their way to make a person who is practically a stranger feel as comfortable as if they were with their own family & friends?

       I haven’t stopped thinking about that last mystery. I haven’t stopped thinking about the way Jessica & Jay made me feel so involved, so confident in what I was doing that I didn’t have that self deprecating feeling that invariably comes every single time I put a camera to my eye. They did that to everyone. They made everyone they met all day long smile, laugh, and feel better and bigger than what they felt that morning. The more I think about it, the more I arrive at the conclusion that it is just what they do and it’s just the type of people that they are. They’re loving and caring people and more importantly they’re honorable people and in it’s essence honor is the art of staying humble. From the bottom of my heart, and I think that I speak for most everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing you, Thank you Jessica & Jay for that putting positivity into the world in a time when we need it most.

Also, I wanted to give a post script nod to Katie Merkle & Mat Smith for the incredibly hard work on this one!