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Katie & Jordan

In Rehoboth Beach

          Often times when someone creates something theres a theme to what your doing. If your building a kitchen table, the theme is “a center piece of a communal area”. If your writing a murder mystery, the theme is ,”Sally is murdered in the library with the candlestick, -who done it?-“. If your writing the screenplay for Diehard, the theme might be, “bad guys take over an office building to steal the treasure in the basement but unbeknownst to them there’s a rogue cop in the building”. You get the picture…

          Weddings can be a lot of the same if you don’t look beneath the surface for the theme of each individual story. As soon as I saw these two meet at the end of that long isle at St. Edmonds, I knew exactly what the theme would be; “Alone in a crowded room”. To explain that decision further, the priest called them out for talking too much during the ceremony. Enough said, right? Maybe that’s trite, maybe it’s corny or stale, but it doesn’t make it any less authentic.

I’ve never seen two individuals with a connection that deafens the world around them in a way that is so obvious and so elegant that anyone and everyone can see it. It continued all day and all night. It was effortless, it was innate, it was smooth. Here is Jordan & Katie in Rehoboth Beach.