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Lauren & Carl

at Baywood Greens

Seeing as The Sox are up 2 games to none in the series (I just heard a collective roar, 300 miles away in Boston) I felt it a good day to Blog Lauren & Carl’s wedding. This one was a doozy, there’s a video that has gone viral lately of a dance floor that has collapsed in the middle of a party, I had that exact same feeling during the last hour of their wedding. The dance floor was packed, it was hilarious, it was terrifying. Prior to that the day was beautiful. We had amazing light, amazing weather, and I met some of the greatest people I have met this year (Shoutout to Weez for being the only bridesmaid whose name I will remember). Okay, no more ramblings of a sleep deprived new parent. Here we go…

Also – A big thank you to Tyler Herold for help operating his drone & Katie Merkle for shooting as well!