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Rachel & Adam

In Portland, Maine

Anyone who I’ve talked to about wedding locales knows that basically all that comes out of my mouth is nouns, verbs, and “I LOVE MAINE”. I probably mention how much I love Maine in some form or another at least once a week. I just work into conversation because it makes me feel good. Maybe I’m at Starbucks and the barista asks, “What can I get you today?” I may respond with a “Grande Pike and a one way trip to Bar Harbor. Bar harbors great, I love it, have you ever been to Maine?!” Or may be I’m at the post office and I see a box heading for that wonderful oasis and I say to the sender, who’s confused and a little alarmed at how much I’ve been staring at their box, “Got room for me in there?!” Anyway, you get it. I really like Maine. So, when Rachel & Adam asked me to come to Portland to shoot their wedding I was ecstatic, because hell yes I love Maine! It didn’t disappoint. Brew tours, lobster rolls, charcuterie, more beer, more lobster rolls, pastries, filet mignon, and pizza. My waistline didn’t appreciate it, but my taste buds did. Levity aside, I loved this wedding. I loved that the pomp and circumstance was stripped away and replaced with love and thoughtfulness. There was nothing and no one at all that they didn’t hand choose to be apart of their day very specifically. So my parting thoughts are this: Hey guys, how bout’ an anniversary party next year?