Weddings for 2017 & most 2018 dates start at $3500 for an engagement shoot, myself and a 2nd photographer on your wedding day as well as full resolution files. I have some incredible albums that I would love to show you guys as well as some other “odds & ends” can be added on at any time. Travel fees are included within most of Philadelphia, The Delmarva Peninsula, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Beyond that there is usually a travel fee which is designed to fit both of our needs.

Engagements start at $500 for our shoot. Some spend more than that on books & prints after the shoot because my prints are epic. That covers a few outfits, a few locations, a walk around the college town, the beach, or the farm then off for some ice cream, coffee or a few beers.

Families start at $500 for an 1-2 hour session. Sometimes families have requested me for longer affairs which we can quote separately. Usually we find somewhere fun, something your family likes to do together, and we do it. I follow along with a camera, play with the kids a bit, and talk your guys ear off and we make some memories along the way. Sometimes I have clients that want very traditional portraits. I do those too, I respect tradition and believe it has it’s place.

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Commercial work will vary per job & need of my client.