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The Roberts Family

Fall in the Park

When you drive upstate from slower-lower (that’s from Southern Delaware to Northern Delaware for the uninitiated), there isn’t much going on. Long stretches of highway with production communities that all seem to look the exact same from town to town. Maybe there’s a strip mall or one of Del-Dots famous theatrical dramas where 11 guys pretend to work while 1 actually does.  Usually I find one of about a dozen podcasts on my subscription list and zone out and enjoy the ride. It usually passes fairly quickly.

This particular day was a bit different of a vibe. Maybe it’s just the first “super-fallish” shoot that I’ve done this year, but instead of the podcasts, the windows went down and I just cruised. There’s a stretch right around Smyrna where you are on the edges of Bombay Hook Wildlife Reserve that I particularly like. I find it hard not to look as far up the marsh as I can when I pass through in hopes of seeing some miracle of nature, maybe a Red-Tail Hawk swoops down on dinner in the marsh like some sort of avian bandit robing the proverbial bank or maybe a maybe it’s a flock of Canadian Geese flying the opposite direction in the amber light like the cover of A Sand County Almanac. Places like that make you consider time and how quickly it passes or sometimes, how quickly it doesn’t pass depending on your mood that day.

That thought resonated for the rest of the ride and as soon as I saw Eden, Tim & Elle, the thought grazed through one last time. The last time I saw Elle she was 1, this time’s she’s 2. Maybe not a big deal to most, but it had transformed from youthful innocence, to youthful curiosity. I enjoyed that shoot a lot, and tried to keep Elles curiosity at the forefront of my mind. Time flies, be like Elle, be curious.