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Please reach out with any questions you might have. I do my best to get back to emails right away, but sometimes it may be up to 24 hours. You can usually reach me pretty quickly by phone @ 302.381.3267. My evenings tend to be fairly busy with portrait sessions, but leave a message and I’ll call you back shortly after the sun sets.

Etherial Summer

Beach Family Portraits.

I’ve had a few different epochs as a photographer. The beginner phase when you think you know everything but you look back at early work and cringe, certainly that was my least favorite. The second distinct phase was when I realized I could use a 35mm lens and not a 70-200mm for everything and my world opened up to what happens to when you can get close (or far). I think the most important phase was when I learned how inspiration and creativity work, which boiled down to studying the greats and understanding that fear is a good thing. This newest one however is probably my favorite: The new father phase. I’ve looked at each shoot through the lens of a father now, not really on purpose, it’s a change that has happened organically. While that lens is pretty narrow still, it’s certainly an ever widening perspective. I try to look at situations the way I have felt about them (or may feel) as parent and transfer that to the images. The word that comes to mind, and gets pinned there over and over again, is etherial. It’s like this sleep deprived dream state where the things around you narrow, tunnel vision comes in, yet there’s an acute awareness to so much. It’s like a sixth sense. One that sense joy and danger in a new way. Every time I’d go out for a shoot, I’d see something that fit that bill so I decided to put together a highlight reel of what I saw this summer. Enjoy.