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Jacki & Jake

Baywood Greens

Disclaimer, I can be a little overdramatic. Maybe that’s not the right word. Introspective, yeah, I like introspective better. Sounds less bitchy. Late at night when I’m up editing my mind wanders to the “why” of things and I don’t want to overstate this, but I think that a rainy wedding day is a major character test. The question that chauffeured me to that conclusion is a fair one: How do you react when things completely out of your control go wrong? It’s a fair & poignant question, I think. Do you get really upset and have a glum attitude all day and worry about your hair falling out of place or that you might not get a beautiful sunset? Or do you assume the attitude of, “Well, it is what it is, let’s make the best of it”. I really like people who fall into the latter of those two. Those are my people, and Jake and Jacki are those people. Jacki rolls up with a busted lip that her niece gave her 2 days before the wedding into a pouring down wedding day, and couldn’t be happier the whole day. I never saw her without a smile. Jake didn’t even want an umbrella when we were out on the beach, he was soaking up the rain like it was sunshine, what a guy. And to make matters better, that was the attitude of everyone there. No one cared. No one complained. No one had an attitude about anything, they just laughed, smiled, and had a great time. I loved it. What a day.