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Jenn & Brian

At Hotel Du Village

I’m not going to write much about this, just a few thoughts. The first thing I want to say is there’s something magical about November weddings, and if you know me, you know how rarely I say cliche things like that. There’s just something about when the temperature drops, and the cool air hits, that invigorates means makes me feel creative and alive. It’s like I get a second wind and want that month to go on forever. I also think that November weddings attract a certain kind of people that are often more contemplative in nature, and thus translates to more meaningful moments with their friends and family and selfishly, as a photographer, that’s good for me. Maybe that’s nonsense, maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know if it’s correlation or causation, it’s just want I think there’s something about November weddings and tear-jerking blogs. Either way, this is a wedding that I will show off with pride for years to come. Jen & Brian, I hope you feel the same.