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Please reach out with any questions you might have. I do my best to get back to emails right away, but sometimes it may be up to 24 hours. You can usually reach me pretty quickly by phone @ 302.381.3267. My evenings tend to be fairly busy with portrait sessions, but leave a message and I’ll call you back shortly after the sun sets.

Kelli & Tony

I’ve been blessed to shoot a lot of weddings. Specifically, I’ve been blessed enough to shoot a lot of different types of weddings. I’ve photographed weddings ranging from only having a bride, groom, officiant, and witness with a quiet dinner afterwards to Indian weddings that last 3 days with 500 guests. I’ve worked in London, nearly every major city within 300 miles, tropical islands, and the in the rolling hills of the midwest. I’ve worked in firehouses to ballrooms, golf courses, museums, beaches, hotels, backyards, and everything in between. After all of those experiences, there isn’t much like a wedding in a barn on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I grew up there, I know it intimately, and as much as I’ve tried to distance myself from it, as an adult, I am learning to love it. It’s a place that has, against all odds, managed to camouflage itself from the relentless pounding of time. Those back roads on the way to Cohee Barn look the same as they did when I was a kid learning to drive on them almost 20 years ago and I’m willing to guess that they didn’t look a whole lot different 20 years before that. 

The most striking characteristic of those back roads is something you don’t appreciate until you spend time other places… It’s quiet. Go out there at night and you can hear the crickets chirp in the summer, and nothing but leaves rustling around in the winters wind. It’s almost eerily quiet, with one exception. When Tony & Kelli decide to have their wedding there, and thennnn it turns into something else. It turns into a place where the music gets turned up to 11, the beer is apparently endless, the laughter of the guests outpace the crickets, and Robin drowns out them all. [That’s an inside joke, but if you know, you know. I love you Robin :)] 

The people were gorgeous, funny, classy, edgy, and had one thing on their mind. A good time. That goal was achieved flawlessly on a perfect summer night that reminded me that regardless of everything going on, I’m probably one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to hang out with these people on their best day. Here’s Kelli & Tony at Cohee Barn.