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Mena & Anthony

at Cavaliers Country Club

Phew. What to say, what to say, what to say…. It’s literally the blogging question that plagues me the most. Sometimes I rush it and I write something sort of hollow and superficial, and I hate myself for doing that. Sometimes I write a novel instead of a hollow paragraph and I’m 99% sure no one actually reads it. Today, I think I’ll find a happy medium. If you actually do read these things you’ll know that since I have become a father, I’ve photographed things from a different perspective. I’ve tried to look at things through the lens of posterity and make sure that what I am doing is generational. Mena had made it quite clear to me that family was so important and that she had intentions of having one of her own in the very near future. I thought about that a lot and I wanted to make sure her kids could someday see Mom & Dad’s youth. I wanted to make sure that they saw the connection they had forged by their own trials. Hopefully that comes through and hopefully you enjoy these images.