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Victoria & Dave

at 2nd & Charles

Whenever I talk to couples about engagement photos I encourage them to choose something, or somewhere that is unique to them. It doesn’t have to be trendy or what your friend is doing, because you really only need one pretty one for the save-the-date and the rest serve as a document for future generations. “This is what Mom & Dad were like when they were young”. I love that last part. I love to see the uniqueness of people and to let those things shine. So when Victoria & Dave decided to do their favorite book/movie/music/game store, I loved the idea. Something totally fresh. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach, but I love “fresh” even more. We wandered around, browsed some records, played Super Smash Brothers, found some new books, and I played my first (albeit abbreviated) game of Dungeons & Dragons. I’ll be honest, I could see how I could get hooked on that. Here’s Victoria & Dave at Second & Charles.