Wedding FAQs

“Will you shoot my wedding? It’s a bit different…”

The answer to that question is simple: Yes. I love cities, farms, beaches, far away places and ones right down the street in slower lower. I want to work with anyone who is looking at their wedding day through the lens of a celebration with their closest friends & family. I want to work with anyone who loves to reminisce on old pictures from their best days and someday wants to have these moments to reminisce on over and over again. I want to work with anyone who laughs, cries, and takes all measures possible to live in that moment in front of them and nowhere else.

“So what is the bottom line?”

Wedding coverage starts at $3500. We start off with a consultation on Skype where I walk you through the process from engagement session all the way through your wedding day and  answer any questions you might have and try to set your mind at ease. We’ll do an engagement session pretty much anywhere you want to do it and any time you want to do it (more on that later). 8 hours is the standard amount of coverage but we can always talk and add more if needed. Extra hours are $150/hr. There will also be 2 photographers the day of the wedding to maximize coverage and to ensure no stone is left unturned. Lastly, you’ll receive digital downloads of your images in high resolution ready for print. I have a wide array of albums for you to choose from, too.


“My wedding is in _________, will you travel there?”

Quite simply, yes. My standard travel range is most of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. & The Delmarva Peninsula. If your wedding is a late one that is far from home there could be a small travel fee attached for a hotel room. Usually ~$150 or you can book one under your block of rooms for the wedding. I have traveled through the Caribbean, up and down the East Coast, out west & as far as London and South America. There will be travel fees involved but depending on when and where it is, we’ll do our best to ensure that they are reasonable and attractive because there isn’t much more I like to do than travel.

“When should I book?”

I’d love to give you a concrete answer about that, but 8-14 months in advance seems to be the average. I’ve booked weddings over 2 years in advance and less than 2 weeks in advance, so it all depends. So, as soon as possible 🙂

“Why should we hire you?”

I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to figure out how to answer this question. I used to say things about my lighting skills and my attention to detail & my indomitable resolve to photograph a wedding better each time I go out. As I have gotten older I’ve realized those are a bit homogenous and also a bit hollow, too. So, what you should know to formulate your answer to that question is that I’ve never read one book on business but I’ve read countless on photography. I’ve never asked my other small business friends how to make money, but I’ve certainly observed how they improve the experience for their clients and how to improve their product. I don’t have “go-to” shots that I do at every wedding outside of family formals. I try to customize every wedding for every single one of my clients so that I capture the relationships accurately and give you photographs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are emotionally. Lastly, what I’ve really learned that sets me apart is that quite frankly, I care more about your wedding photos than you do…